Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Book #5

Hello again everyone! Long time I didn't post anything. Today is the day!
I'm now going to tell you another novel I just read. The title is "Promises, Promises' by Dahlian.
For me, this novel has a good story. A girl name Fiona, work as a Interior Designer, suddenly has a job to design a guy's house. And when she come to that house for the first time, she knew that that guy is her ex-boyfriend, Evan. She was so surprise, but she can't do anything to refuse that job because her boss is this guy's best friend. Fiona act coldly and mean in front of Evan, because he don't want to be hurt by him for the second time. But, they meet everyday, their feelings changed. Fiona start to like him again. And when Evan know that Fiona's daughter is his daughter, he try to know his daughter, Kejora, and they become close. But more problems come. If you want to know the rest of the story, buy this book! Read it!:)

That's all! Thank you for reading:)

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