Monday, January 16, 2012

Reflection of Technology Usage

Everyday we always use technology. Even for small things we need technology. Me, myself, use technology in everything I do. Like I always use my smartphone, and also laptop for many activities. For me, the way I use the technology daily at home is not really satisfying and we can say not really good. It is because I use it so much, or should I say too much. In every time, I always use gadgets. Most of the time is just for entertainment and I think that is not the way to use technology in the best way. Also, I only use the same devices over and over again.
    We can improve the way we use tech devices to a better way. To help us in becoming a better students, we can improve the usage of tech devices we usually use by using them to do school works, or use them to browse some information that can be usefull to gain our knowledge. Like for example, beside using our laptop to play games or do social networking like facebook and twitter, we can use the laptop to browse in the internet about things that we don’t know, like about the culture of another country and so on. Beside making us into a better student, we can also improve the use of tech devices to making us into a better citizen. For eample we can use our computer to open the newspaper, or searching about the latest news about the city, so we will know what is happening in our city and if we can give some help, we can help. Social networking and chatting in the virtual world also can make us closer with long distance friends and families.
    When we use tech devices that we have, of course we have to use it based on our priority, and of course we have to do higher priority activity first than low priority activity. Why? Because just like the word “high” so the activity is more important than the low one. We have to do the most important thing first, like doing school work. As students, our first or highest priority is of course school. And school works, such as home works and projects are parts of our school activity and it must be our highest priority. Low priority activity are the activities that we don’t really need to do. The examples of low priority activity is play games, listening to music, chatting, twitter-ing, and other things that we do just for entertainment, or just for fun. It’s not that we are prohibited to do this kind of activity, we can do these things, but we also have to manage our time wisely. If there are home works we have to finish the home works first then after that we can do the other “un-important” things.
    I think the way I use tech devices are prefered to be called as “tech waster” because honestly I use that thec devices not for important activities. I use technology to do school works just when there is one, and I’ll do it quick. But, from now on, we have to use these tech devices better and change the way we use it from “tech waster” to “tech efficient”, so the usage of technology that already invented in this world won’t be wasted.