Saturday, November 26, 2011

A Photo by me

This is a photograph I took of a statue in Lombok.
I think this is quite interesting so I took a photo of it, and it turns out good! 
See you on my next post!<3

Book #6

Hi! SO long since I post my last post about books, now the sixth one!

Lately I have finished reading a novel by Orizuka, the title is Infinitely Yours, and I LOVE it <3
The story is about a girl name Jingga who love Korea so much. She knows all about Korea, the language, Kpop, places, foods, and others. One day she join a tour to Korea for the second time, the first time is last year. The reason she join the same tour twice is because she loves Korea so much and she also want to meet the tour guide from Korea that for her, is very cool. The story is just like a standard love story, but what I like about this novel is the writer take the setting in many famous places in Korea and she can explain the detail so well. Back to the story...
Jingga meet Rayan in the airport when Rayan accidentally broke Jingga's PSP. But actually they are going to the same place, same airplane, and same tour. Rayan feels so annoyed with Jingga that is so loud, because Rayan is a business man that is so serious about his work. But then in Korea they spend the time there together, even tough Rayan hate Jingga so much, but Jingga help him to find her ex-girl friend. They spend all the time in Korea arguing. There's also this tour guide, Yun Jae, who Jingga likes for the first time. But after spending her time with Rayan they both fall in love with each other.

This is a classic love story, but I always love this kind of love story. If you have the same interest like me, go buy this book! Hope you like it<3