Saturday, August 27, 2011

Book #3

Hey everyone! Its a long time after the last post, and here I am again!

Today I will post another book review, the title is Till We Meet Again, by Yoana Dianika

This novel tells about a girl name Elena who lives with her Dad, Sebastian, in Indonesia. Because of the love of music, Sebastian decided to send Elena to College in Wina, Austria. For Elena, Austria is a place full of memory. Her memory with her mom, that died because of a plane accident, and also her memory with a boy with grey eyes, that she forget to ask his name.
The rest of the story is about Elena's life in Wina, meet some new friends, boys, hobby, performance, and so on. Really great story, its like the writer have been to Wina and the settings is so real.
For you who love Romance Novels, you will LOVE this novel, like me! I love it so much<3
Oh, and this book get the third place in 100% Roman Asli Indonesia, a writing competition by Gagas Media.

That's all of my book review for today, hope you like it! See you in my next post!

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