Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Book #2

Hey! This is my second book review, a novel by my favorite author, Winna Efendi.
Title: Remember When

Remember When
I think, this novel is a great novel for teenagers. The author really can tell every story in detail that can make us, the reader, feel like we're in this kind of situation. Every emotion mixed together when I read this book, start from happy, sad, hate, disappointed, until worried. When I read every story in this book, its like touching me.

The story is about 4 bestfriends that met by destiny. Then, many problems came. Problem with love and friendship. When they started to love each other, its become an issue between 4 of them. At the end, there's always have to be someone that sacrifice their love. At the end, there's always someone that hurt. But their friendship will remain.

When you make decisions, you deal with consequences. Don't expect anything in return.

Thats all for the second book review. See you next time!!

Love, Val

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