Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Book #1

This is my first book review, hope you like it!

So now I'll tell you about this book that I really like. Yours Truly, Lucy B. Parker's series.
3 books have been released, and I've read 2 of them. A really great novel, for teenagers only, GIRLS!

The first book: Girl vs. Superstar
I like this first book, that's why I bought the next book too! The first book tells Lucy's life story. She got friend-dumped, her parents divorced, and her mom is dating another guy. This guy is Laurel Moses's dad. Yes, THE Laurel Moses—the TV-movie-music superstar whose face is on the cover of every magazine. That make her life upside down. This book tell every moment and situation she pass and how she feel to be Laurel's stepsister. Great story about a girl with many teenager's problem. 


The second book: Sealed with a Kiss
Still the same characters as the first one. But now Lucy is finally settling into her new life with her frister (friend + sister), Laurel. She also got a new BFF in her new school in New York, Beatrice. The main story of this book is that Lucy is now have to have 3 crushes, according to Beatrice. A local one, a long-distance one, and a celebrity one. Lucy is searching for that three crushes. Finally she found all of it and have a great experience with a boy she has crush on.


The third book: Vote for Me!
I haven't read this third book. But I've do research about it. Lucy is running for class president! And she get many problem with it. Starting with Laurel want to do campaign for her and a new-born baby. How will she manage all of it? I haven't read yet:D But I know this will be a fun story!


Thank you for reading! Hope you like it!
More info about this book just open this website:

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